San Diego Metal Detector & Gold Prospecting Supply every year puts on our Annual Halloween Outing. This outing is open to our customers who are interested in learning about gold prospecting and treasure hunting. Our three day outing consists of a day of exploring our American Girl Mining Site, a full day of dry-washing and a day of nugget shooting with modern state of the art Metal Detectors. The outings are for seasoned prospectors as well as Newbie's. It is a chance to learn from experienced prospectors with hands on instruction. We bring dry washers, sluices, gold pans, and detectors to learn with.

Many of our old time miners are more than willing to help you by letting you pitch in with their equipment as well. We normally host around 75 to 100 people for the outing, and it is held on our 400 acre American Girl Mine, located in the Historic Cargo Muchacho Mountains of Imperial County, California. This is an unforgettable experience and opportunity to learn while you are in one of the top gold producing areas of the southwest. Many people don't realize that gold was first discovered by the Spaniards in the Cargos almost 60 years before the 49rs of Northern California. Our Historic mine the American Girl has been mined since the 1800's. In the 1980's it was the site of a large commercial operation and produced 400,000 ounces of Gold! They didn't get it all. We still have great success at prospecting on the site and really enjoy working with our customers and friends as well. 

In addition to our annual outing, we frequently spend weekends at the mine and pre-arrange to meet our customers to help them with a new detector or dry-washer. We love teaching, that is what we do and why we are in business. Nothing is more exciting then helping someone detect their first nugget, or to find a picker in the pan after a few hours of dusty dry-washing. 

We also are fortunate to have author and experienced prospector Sam Radding on our staff of outfitter guides to work with you at our claims as well. Sam will meet you at the claim and help you learn that new detector or dry-washer.

Sam also partners with us at our outing to teach dry-washing, detecting and panning. Sam has written books on the above, as well as on how to build your own equipment. He is one of the best nugget shooters in the business and is willing to share his knowledge with you. We also have added noted author and famed beach hunter, Don Barthel to our staff.

Don has written books on beach hunting in California and Florida. He has tested new model detectors for major brand companies, as well has been published in numerous treasure hunting magazines. Don can meet you at a local beach and share his many years of experience with you. Whether you are new to detecting, or an old hand, Don can help you become a beach hunting pro. Contact us for scheduling and fees for Sam or Don. personal instruction.

We at San Diego Metal Detector & Gold Prospecting Supply encourage you to stop by and visit with us at our store and see how you can become one of the modern day treasure hunters..  Let us get you started knowing you have the skills and the right equipment to succeed.  We love talking about the outdoors,  prospecting for gold, or detecting for buried treasure.  It's what we live for!

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