The San Diego Prospector shows how to run a Royal drywasher. We are down in the Cargo Muchachos working in a old creek bed. We are on one of our new claims and doing some sampling to find some gold!

We are trying out the Angus MacKirk High grader lll. A power classifier. It saves all kinds of time classifying and makes the chore a whole lot easier. We are down next to our American Girl Mine on one of our placer claims. Great location to detector or drywash. Hope you enjoy.

Nugget Shooting with the Gold Bug ll metal detector. In the Tumco area of the Cargo Muchacho Mountains in imperial county. Cool area with lots of gold mines and plenty of areas to prospect or detect. People have been finding gold here since the 1700's.

Gold Prospecting San Diego East County. Setting up and using the Keene puffer drywasher DW12V. We are in the Imperial Desert close to the American Girl Mine. This is actually a little east of the San Diego County Line. This area has been great for dry washing and metal detecting as well.

We did some sampling on one of our favorite claims down in the Cargo Muchachos. We took some material out to bring back to the shop and assay. This is a spot we have had tremendous luck dry-washing and detecting. This is part one, part two is back at the shop where we do the XRF analyzation and look for GOLD!

Down on our  claim working in a small arroyo. We dug down about 12 inches through rock and gravel to get to bedrock. I am using a gas powered vacuum (vac pac) to remove the material from the bedrock. We classifed down to #4 and ran about 8 buckets through the drywasher. We got some really nice color for the small amount of material we ran, but it was a lot of work! I guess if it was easy, gold wouldn’t be $1200 an ounce! 

During a demo with the Fisher Gold Bug ll, we come across a nice little nugget. We are in the North end of the Cargo Muchacho Mountains right along side the ghost town of Tumco. This is a great area with lots of history and lots of gold. There are mines all over the place and plenty of area to detect or prospect.


These videos are all shot by us, mostly at our claims on the American Girl Mine. Hopefully you will find them helpful. We made them to show some of the types of equipment we use and how to use it. Check back often to see any new ones we did. Enjoy and have fun watching.

We filmed episode 8 of GPAA GOLD TRAILS the day before with Kevin Hoagland . We ran out of time to detect this hole we were working, so Glynis and I (and of course our heavy breathing dog RUSTY) we stayed an extra day and went back to work the spot with the detector. 

Recirculating sluice Part One,Down in the Imperial Desert, working material from our claim. We set up and run a recirculating sluice. Check out how you can run a stream sluice anywhere and learn the basics. enjoy!

Using the Falcon MD20 Gold Detector. We were checking broken quartz hoping to get lucky and find some gold. We must have checked around 100 pieces before we got lucky and got a hit. The Falcon is perfect for this kind of detecting.

Down in the Imperial Desert, working material from our claim. We set up and run a recirculating sluice. Ths is part two "the clean up and panning out the concentrate". Check out how you can run a stream sluice anywhere and learn the basics. enjoy!

Took the material back to the shop, ground it up and ran it through the XRF process. WOW! it had some great gold! It assayed out at seven grams per tonne.  (at least the layer we tested did). We always do great on that claim, especially running the ROYAL Drywasher. It handles the black sand really well and always gets gold!

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